Our mission is to implement restorative forest practices
while creating local jobs.

A forward-looking focus
When we undertake projects that entail wood harvesting, we ensure they are designed to restore and enhance forests. We believe there are many cases when active work can play a positive and necessary role in moving forests on a more positive trajectory for both ecological and economic purposes.

Partnering with committed land stewards and owners of small parcels
Our primary customers are landowners who have made a commitment to long-term stewardship and developed plans that articulate and will guide their future actions.

Supporting landowners in times of need
While most of our projects are guided by written land stewardship plans, sometimes unanticipated natural events such as wind and ice storms can create situations that demand quick action. We work with landowners who have experienced such events and ensure that the salvaging of trees is done in a most careful manner. In many cases, these otherwise negative events turn into positive experiences for our customers, who learn new things about the way nature can renew itself.