Ohio Hills Biochar

Ohio Hills Biochar
We produce our biochar using modern technology, in machines called retorts, which use the gases expelled from the wood as fuel for the conversion process. This greatly reduces pollution and also creates very high quality charcoal.

We offer our biochar in a variety of packaging types and sizes, from 1/3-gallon reusable plastic jars for kitchen composting to bulk orders for agriculture.

6-gallon bucket: $30

5-gallon heavy duty plastic bag: $15

2-gallon stand-up pouch: $14

1/2-gallon plastic jar: $7

1/3-gallon plastic jar: $5.50

We can also provide pre-made mixes of biochar and compost of varying ratios. Our stock mix is a 50:50 blend in a 5-gallon heavy duty plastic bag for $12.

Bulk orders: contact us at 740-818-4017.

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